Stories from Sikre, Nuwakot [VIDEO]

Sikre is a village in Nuwakot District just hours north of Kathmandu. Almost all of the houses in this tiny village have been destroyed and the locals are salvaging what they can from the rubble to continue with their lives. Monsoon is just around the corner so building proper shelters is key. It’s rice planting… Read more »


Photographing Children

Photographing children is always fun and they are naturally cute. But it is difficult. Giving direction and preventing them from getting bored! Photos for Kavya School and Elixir School annual prospectus.

Prerana Video

I Love This Game: Prerana Malla [VIDEO]

Prerana is a good friend of mine and absolutely a natural when it comes to being in front of a camera. She shares her love for the game of basketball in this 4th video in the ‘I Love This Game’ series.

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Jesus the only way to God? [TEXT]

Sword and Shield a cup of apologetics with Israel Shrestha The answer is: “Yes, Jesus is the only way to God.” And nothing generates more debate than this exclusive claim. Many have heard about Jesus; they have read about Jesus being the “light of the world” and the figurehead of Christianity, like Buddha is the… Read more »

John and Aksha Wedding

John & Aksha

The first wedding I got to photograph. Congratulations to the couple!


Scenes from Pashupati

Playing with Fire: An evening at Pashupati can get you some great shots. There was a birthday celebration going on. A priest playing with fire. Cleaning After the Pyre: I like shooting around Pashupati. Makes one think long and hard. Whenever I look at this picture, I see people rushing towards eternity.

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    A Long Wait for Help [VIDEO]

    Kopchi Tamang, 80, was injured in the April 25 Nepal earthquake. Just 2 hours walk from the epicenter, Barpak, Kopchi injured both her legs when her house collapsed on her. However, no help had arrived even after 10 days of the quake. Helpless and with a festering wound, she was airlifted with the help of… Read more »

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    Bootlegged Wedding Song [VIDEO]

    I was privy to a practice session for a Christian wedding song. Recorded a while back now leaked for everyone to enjoy. Some shots have uncomfortable close-ups because of the 50mm/f1.8 and limited space.

  • Horizontal Poster

    KCM Basketball Bash 2012

    The biggest event I’ve managed. Recruiting sponsors, preparing event videos & posters, organizing volunteers, handling fights! Lost 10 kgs in 2 months but earned valuable experience. Please check the YouTube videos for the event here.

  • life

    ANTA: Life, Outdoor, Training

    Working for a promotional video for Chinese sports brand in Nepal. Ideas, camera angles and stuff.

  • Pierre-Edouard Ferry

    PEF in Kathmandu [VIDEO]

    Was fortunate to be working for Epic Bikes when Pierre-Edouard Ferry, Commencal super rider was here in Nepal. E’s Nest is a pump-track, the first of it’s kind in Nepal and I made a short video for the opening ceremony.

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    College Photoshoot

    I was hired by a +12 college to do photos for their annual prospectus. Previous year’s photographer cost almost 1 lakh, this year they were on a tight budget. Shot everything in under 4 hours and for Rs. 4000! Photos were better than last year, said someone.

  • I've never seen a more beautiful golden hour.

    Gosaikunda Trek

    Dried Yak meat curry. A cake of Yak cheese. Walking over a frozen glacial lake. Stuck in a snow storm. Overall a very adventurous trek.

  • The setting sun.

    Sunset in Ason

    The thing that always runs through my mind when in Ason, what if an earthquake strikes?

  • ko

    Ko: Short Film

    My first ever video project. Minus the music. Sound is half of the film, I’d realize later.